1. Create a new wiki page by clicking the plus sign next to "Pages and Files" on the left menu bar.
2. Title the page "Name's 40 Book Challenge"
3. Use the template "40 Book Challenge Template"
4. Tag the page "6th40" -or- "5th40" based on your grade level.
5. Your page should automatically show up in the lists below if it has been tagged properly.

A note from Mrs. Truesdell regarding accessing your check-out list from the Media Center:
FYI for you & your students:
  1. Go to our Destiny catalog (can be accessed through bcsonline.info, Media Center)
  2. Navigate through the list of schools to BCS – that brings you to our school’s Destiny catalog
  3. Log in by clicking the button at top right:
    1. School username
    2. Birthday password or district password
    3. Click on the “My Info” tab at the top
    4. Top right corner – click on “View History” button

6th Graders' 40 Book Challenge Pages:

Davis' 40 Book Challenge
Sullivan's 40 Book Challenge
5th Graders' 40 Book Challenge Pages: