King Ashoka brought the Mauryan Empire to the top during his reign. Ashoka expanded the Empire south and east from massive amounts of war. After one very hard and brutal battle, Ashoka decided to stop the violence and find a better way to rule.
Ashoka decided to have Buddhism be apart of the Mauryan Empire. He supported the Buddhist values and wanted his people to support them too. He decided to respect all animals and become a vegetarian, he took pilgrimages to holy Buddhist sites. Most importantly, Ashoka gave up wars for its conquest. From then on, he wouldn't attack another kingdom. Ashoka wanted the people to follow the Buddhist path, he wanted them to be respectful, kind, and moral. Ashoka spread Buddhism throughout India. Not all of Ashoka's decisions followed Buddhist values,slavery was allowed and people would be executed for serious crimes. Although Ashoka stopped using violence, he still kept an army and never gave back any of the land he conquered.